Surgery for rotator cuff tears – Karjalainen, TV – 2019 | Cochrane Library

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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Surgery for rotator cuff tears

❇️ we are uncertain whether rotator cuff repair surgery provides clinically meaningful benefits to people with symptomatic tears
❇️ it may provide little or no clinically important benefits with respect to pain, function, overall quality of life or participant‐rated global assessment of treatment success when compared with non‐operative treatment.
❇️ Surgery may not improve shoulder pain or function compared with exercises

❇️ conclusions of this review may not be applicable to traumatic tears, large tears involving the subscapularis tendon or young people.

“Further well‐designed trials in this area that include a placebo‐surgery control group and long follow‐up are needed to further increase certainty about the effects of surgery for rotator cuff tears.”


Surgery for rotator cuff tears – Karjalainen, TV – 2019 | Cochrane Library

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