Although frailty, disability and multimorbidity often coexist and interact, the…

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❇️ Although frailty, disability and multimorbidity often coexist and interact, they are distinct and separate concepts Growing evidence suggests that each of these interrelated conditions is preventable and their associated complications manageable.”

❇️ “The FRAIL scale (Figure)is a simple 5-item questionnaire that can be answered in 15 to 30 seconds.”

❇️ “In persons over 50 years of age the FRAIL Scale predicted disability and mortality at 9 years”

❇️ “Research indicates that exercise, nutrition and geriatric assessment represent effective, evidence-based interventions in primary care.”

❇️ “A recent meta-analysis of 31 studies including 4794 participants concluded that resistance exercise, with or without nutrition supplementation may improve the frailty status of older adults in primary care settings.”

❇️ “In older subjects with diabetes and frailty, resistance exercise as part of a multimodal approach significantly improved physical performance over one year measured by the short performance physical battery (SPPB) which was accompanied by a significant decrease in health.”

Ruiz, J.G., Dent, E., Morley, J.E. et al. Screening for and Managing the Person with Frailty in Primary Care: ICFSR Consensus Guidelines. J Nutr Health Aging (2020).


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