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Excessive Imaging For Musculoskeletal Problems

Surgery: the Ultimate Placebo

Great overview of how to use science to answer the question “Do I need this procedure?” #Healthy_Aging #Management_of_Tendonopathy_and_Overuse_Injuries #Excessive_Imaging_for_Musculoskeletal_Problems #Overutilization_of_Surgery #Sleep #Foot_and_Ankle #Hip_and_Groin #Knee #Low_Back_Problems_and_Sciatica

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5 Qs to ask Drs before any test. http://www.choosingwisely.org.au/getmedia/76ee3bcd-429b-4501-a73b-2874ee2e94ee/CW2177_5_Questions_Wallet_Cards_v4_4PRINT.pdf.aspx #Healthy_Aging#Excessive_Imaging_for_Musculoskeletal_Problems www.choosingwisely.org.au View original post on FB Posted to FB on 2019-03-28 20:49:00

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Fascinating. We know exercise is the fountain of youth. People who stay active have a longer health span. This is crucial because as average life

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